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PX and REM converter


PX to REM conversion table

Root size element font size 16px.

px rem
1px 0.0625rem
2px 0.125rem
3px 0.1875rem
4px 0.25rem
5px 0.3125rem
6px 0.375rem
7px 0.4375rem
8px 0.5rem
10px 0.625rem
11px 0.6875rem
12px 0.75rem
13px 0.8125rem
14px 0.875rem
15px 0.9375rem
16px 1rem
17px 1.0625rem
18px 1.125rem
19px 1.1875rem
20px 1.25rem
21px 1.3125rem
22px 1.375rem
23px 1.4375rem
24px 1.5rem
25px 1.5625rem
26px 1.625rem
27px 1.6875rem
px rem
28px 1.75rem
29px 1.8125rem
30px 1.875rem
32px 2rem
34px 2.125rem
36px 2.25rem
38px 2.375rem
40px 2.5rem
50px 3.125rem
60px 3.75rem
70px 4.375rem
80px 5rem
90px 5.625rem
100px 6.25rem
120px 7.5rem
140px 8.75rem
160px 10rem
180px 11.25rem
200px 12.5rem
250px 15.625rem
300px 18.75rem
350px 21.875rem
400px 25rem
450px 28.125rem
500px 31.25rem
1000px 62.5rem

About PX and REM converter

A tool for converting px to rem and rem to px.

Rem is a unit of size which is relative to the root html element's font-size (rem stands for "root em"). This means that if the font size of the html element is 16px, then 1rem is equal to 16px. If you change the root element size to 18px, 1rem is now equal to 18px and all element using rem units will increase in size. By using rem units you can easily scale up or down everything by changing just the root element size. Px is an absolute unit of size and will always remain the same size.

Calculate px from rem: [root font size] * [size in rem] = [size in px]

Calculate rem from px: [size in px] / [root font size] = [size in rem]